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Contracting Work App

Streamline the management your contracting work with Microsoft Power Apps.

Contracting Work App is an example of a tailored Microsoft Power Platform application for Efima's customer.

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Smooth contracting work management and information sharing.

A straightforward process and verification of contract master data help streamline contracting work management.

Contract work management and planning starts when the customer informs the contractor's work management of the need for work. This is done by using Contracting Work application. The application ensures that the required information is filled in from the beginning. The work management then resources and schedules the work based on work orders. Appropriately filled in information and efficient resourcing enable successful contracting work management.

The company’s Legacy systems may no longer support the needs of users and processes as business changes. The Microsoft Power Apps-based solution, which replaces Legacy systems, streamlines job control and makes it easy for users to enter the needed essential information.


Contracting Work App streamlines work management and information sharing

Contracting Work App is a Microsoft Power Apps application designed by Efima for its customer. The App makes it easy to manage both contracting work, such as maintenance and installations, and their basic information. Contracting Work App is used to receive the work orders and then process and direct them to the right professionals in the field. The work order contains the necessary information to perform the work, according to a streamlined process.

Upon completion of the work, the work management confirms the work and completes the billing information for the work order. Completed work orders are transferred to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for invoicing. With the Work Planning App, jobs can be conveniently tracked throughout the process, right up to analyzing their historical data.

Contracting Work App in a nutshell


Company in energy production and distribution


Managing and executing the contracting work such as installation and maintenance.

Target system

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Who is it for

For any company managing contracting work such as installations and maintenance

Why Contracting Work App?

More efficient resource management

Supervisors can efficiently allocate contracting work to the right teams and professionals by ensuring optimal workloads and that the right skills are matched with the work.

Data and process quality

The app ensures that the needed steps in the streamlined process are taken and makes sure that essential work order information is provided from the start. By this way contracting work management is done efficiently with high quality when the right process and supporting solution are in place.

Supporting service innovations

Microsoft Power Platform offers a wide set of tools to design a unique solutions to drive and support new ways to operate and serve the customers.

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