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Meeting Catering App

Order your meeting catering easily with Microsoft Power Apps.

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Order and manage meeting catering smoothly with Power Apps -based application!

Urgent, last minute calls or smooth meeting catering management?

Meeting invitations and meeting catering requests are typically handled through different channels. Meeting organizer needs to order the catering often separately and then remember informing the possible changes to the catering responsible. The team organizing the catering wrestles with last-minute change requests from different communication channels. 

There is also a smoother way to both order and manage meeting catering and automatically handle the change communication with an easy-to-use application.


Meeting Catering App makes organizing meetings easier

Meeting Catering App is a Microsoft Power Apps application designed by Efima to help the ordering and managing of meeting catering.

Office 365 meetings are linked with Meeting Catering App which allows the meeting organizer to submit their catering needs. Linking the App with the meeting is done easily at the same time when the meeting is created. Later on, Outlook will also update the possible changes to the catering booking automatically. By this way, both meeting and catering will remain synchronized resulting providing the right catering to the right meeting room, in needed quantities.

Catering management is straightforward as the available catering options are standardized, allowing the user to select the servings from ready-made offering that is defined by the responsible team. Meeting Catering App lets the catering team to update the service orders accurately to the providers when the event changes and possible cancellations are up-to-date in the App.

Meeting Catering App in a nutshell


Organizing meetings and providing meeting catering

Who is it for

Any organization managing meetings and meeting rooms

Target system

Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Power Apps
Microsoft Office 365

Why Meeting Catering App?

Easy to use

Meeting Catering App works seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 meetings. Ordering catering is effortless when it can be done at the same time when booking the meeting.

Common way of working

App makes catering ordering and management straightforward when the orders and communication are handled with one tool, in the same way. 

Smooth change management

Changes in meeting schedule, attendees or location? Meeting information is automatically updated in Meeting Catering App and there's no need for communicating the changes manually.

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