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10.10.2022 | Efima won the tender for Caruna's financial management services

Caruna-tiedote-2022 Efima's customer relationship with Caruna will continue and expand.
↑ Efima's customer relationship with Caruna will continue and expand.
10.10.2022 | Finnish electricity distribution company Caruna tendered its financial management services in accordance with the Act on public contracts in the utilities sector: Efima won the tender. In the selection of the supplier, in addition to quality, emphasis was placed on cost-efficiency and supplier’s ability to streamline processes using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

Efima, company professionalized in developing financial management and business processes, has been providing financial management services for the electricity distribution company Caruna for some time now. The cooperation between Efima and Caruna started several years ago, when Efima won a public sector tender. Since then, Efima has been responsible for the key processes of Caruna's financial management; accounts payable and accounts receivable, payments, general ledger accounting and fixed assets, financial statements and tax returns, utilizing Caruna's own financial management system.

In 2022, as the end of the previous contract period approached, Caruna's financial management services were put out to public tender again in accordance with the Act on public contracts in the utilities sector. Efima was once again selected as the comprehensive producer of Caruna's financial management services. With the new agreement, cooperation between Efima and Caruna will be expanded, and the partnership will in the future not only apply to Caruna's three separate companies, but also to group accounting.

In the selection of the supplier, in addition to quality and cost-effectiveness, partner's ability to enhance financial management processes using robotics process automation and artificial intelligence was emphasized. "We wanted a partner who is not only broadly responsible for the day-to-day production of our financial management processes, but also develops our operations by bringing the possibilities of new technologies to our use", Päivi Uusitalo, responsible for external accounting at Caruna, explains.

Sanna Kaarlejärvi, director of Efima's digital financial management services, is happy about the new agreement and the continuation of an important partnership: "Serving large customer companies is a strategically important goal for Efima, and that's why it's great that our customer relationship with Caruna continues and expands. We promise to be a developing partner and harness our leading understanding of financial processes and our strong software and automation expertise for the benefit of Caruna's financial management."

More information

Caruna, Head of Financial Control Päivi Uusitalo, +358 50 453 5369

Efima, Business Director Sanna Kaarlejärvi, +358 40 188 4050

About Caruna

Caruna takes care of electricity distribution and maintains, overhauls and builds a weatherproof electricity network for approximately our 720,000 customers in South, Southwest and West Finland, the city of Joensuu, and the regions of Koillismaa and Satakunta. Caruna monitors the operation of the network around the clock to ensure they can provide their customers with safe and functional electricity distribution, hassle-free customer service, and reasonable prices.

Caruna Group includes two network companies: Caruna Oy, which operates mainly in rural areas, and Caruna Espoo Oy, which operates in urban areas. Caruna employs approximately 280 people, and the company indirectly employs several hundred people in different parts of Finland in its projects. In 2021, Caruna's net sales was 499.8 million euros.

About Efima

Efima is a pioneer in digital transformation and automation. Efima helps large and medium-sized companies streamline their business with enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management and intelligent automation solutions as well as digital financial management services. At the heart of everything are people, cooperation, and partnership. In 2022, Efima employs 300 employees in Efima's two offices in Helsinki and Tampere.