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21.09.2022 | Off-the-shelf low-code applications – Efima productizes Power Platform solutions for financial management and ERP

Efima-Invoicing-App-tiedote-web Efima's first ready-made low-code product, Efima Invoicing App, digitizes the collection and processing of invoicing requests.
↑ Efima's first ready-made low-code product, Efima Invoicing App, digitizes the collection and processing of invoicing requests.
21.09.2022 | Global shortage of coders has created a growing demand for low-code solutions. Compared to traditional development low-code development offers a more agile way to build applications and automations for business processes. Efima aims to accelerate the digitization of its customers' processes by productizing the company’s most useful low-code implementations into ready-made products. The first one is called Efima Invoicing App.

Low-code development brings the possibilities of digitization within everyone's reach – to get started however, many organizations benefit from the support of a digital transformation partner. In the future, organizations can also speed up their automation development with ready-made low-code solutions based on Efima’s best practices. Throughout the years Efima has implemented dozens of customized, Microsoft Power Platform -based low-code applications for financial management and ERP and trained organizations in low-code development.

"Working with multiple customers we have been able to identify recurring process bottlenecks. We understood that our customers would benefit from us productizing our most useful low-code solutions into ready-made products, that are easy to purchase and implement”, Janne Hirva, Senior Business Manager overseeing Efima’s Power Platform business, explains. New Power Platform -based products expand Efima's previous own software development.

More benefits from the cloud with low-code applications

Cloud native Efima believes that low-code applications play a key role in the cloud transition of business software: low-code applications can be used to expand the features of a ready-made software, fix automation gaps, and produce better user experiences for different user groups. Low-code applications connect to other software using ready-made connectors and they utilize and process existing business data. Common benefits are reduction of manual work, improved quality of data and more transparent processes.

"As even more manual processes can be digitized and integrated into other digital systems, data flows more automatically from one process to another, operations become more efficient, and time can be freed up from routines to more meaningful tasks”, Hirva argues.

Efima's first ready-made low-code product, Efima Invoicing App, aims for the same benefits. The app digitizes the collection and processing of invoicing requests when using Microsoft’s financial management software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

Efima plans to continue creating and launching new products based on the company’s best practices verified in everyday life. "We combine our deep knowledge of financial management and business processes with our know-how in intelligent automation and offer agile methods to speed up automation development", Efima’s CEO Tero Salminen sums up.

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Efima, CEO Tero Salminen, +358 40 767 5311

Efima, Senior Business Manager Janne Hirva, +358 40 044 4386

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Efima is a pioneer in digital transformation and automation. Efima helps large and medium-sized companies streamline their business with enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management and intelligent automation solutions. At the heart of everything are people, cooperation, and partnership. In 2021, Efima employed 300 employees in Efima's two offices in Helsinki and Tampere.