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UiPath RPA – the leading technology in robotic process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a great way to add automation to tasks and processes that are rule-based and repetitive. For those tasks that are not pleasant routines for us humans. UiPath is the market-leading RPA technology that brings automation to your business processes with agility – freeing up your people for more meaningful and productive tasks.

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↑ RPA handles 45% of Fleet Innovation's monthly purchase invoices

Case Fleet Innovation | Automation as a driver for growth and smarter ways of working

Fleet Innovation, a uniquely positioned player in the corporate car leasing market in Finland, has grown at a tremendous pace. To support growth, the company has automated several processes and tasks so that employees can focus on what really matters – to serve the company's customer base in the best possible way. One of the means of automation is robotic process automation, for which Fleet Innovation found the right partner in Efima.

Case Fleet Innovation

Robotic process automation supports and complements the work of our people

A software robot enjoys repetitive rule-based work - unlike us humans. RPA frees people up for more productive work and provides excellent support for traditional back-end automation.

A software robot loves routines

A software robot enjoys repetitive rule-based work - unlike us humans. RPA frees people up for more productive work and provides excellent support for traditional back-end automation of business software. A software robot works like an ordinary employee. It uses other software, like the ERP system, through the interface like we humans do.

A software robot brings many benefits

RPA offers its users many benefits: a robot works faster and more accurately than humans, does not complain about routines and does not need breaks. A robot always works just as efficiently, even around the clock if necessary. Because a software robot uses software through their interface like humans, existing systems often do not need to be modified at all to implement RPA.

Why choose UiPath as your RPA technology?

UiPath provides the leading platform for leveraging robotic process automation, from agile automation tools to comprehensive management and monitoring tools.

Market-leading RPA technology

UiPath has received recognition from several respected analysts as the market-leading RPA technology. Gartner, Forrester, IDC and Everest Group, among others, have listed UiPath as the RPA market leader in their reports.

Developing and growing platform

The position of market leader has only accelerated the pace of UiPath’s development. The company is constantly bringing new features, tools and ready-made interfaces to its automation platform to help automation reach an even greater range of different processes and tasks.

Scalability for your needs

With UiPath, automation can be brought to both small and large needs. For example, you can get a software robot to work at night and prepare the next day's tasks for people. Or you can have more than one robot working around the clock if you need a lot of resources. We help you find just the right solution for your company's automation needs.

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